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Booking Ms. Moffatt

Ms. Moffatt, who lives in southeastern Massachusetts, offers lively and informative talks to schools, libraries, and various children's groups. She has been giving presentations for over 20 years throughout New England. She offers a one-hour presentation and slide show, where children see her studio, meet some of the real life characters in her books, and receive a step-by-step explanation of how her children's books and three-dimensional illustrations are done!

Ms Moffatt brings a display of her books and shows pieces of original artwork. In her workshops, she teaches the children how to make a cut paper creature using some of the techniques shown in the slide show. Each child leaves with their very own three-dimensional work of art!

• School & Library Audiences- K through Grade 4.

• Adapted presentations are also available for high school, college and adult level groups.

Rate: $450/hr or $950/day. (plus travel & expenses) Ms. Moffatt is always happy to autograph her books, when ordered in advance! 

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